Visiting Your Dream Places

Now it is the blooming season of lavender. The well-known production places of lavender in the world have been the first tour choice of flower-lovers. From late June to early August each year, slopes and plains there are just like purple flower sea. You have to see other destination of Hokkaido, Japan here https://www.trusttourandtravel.com/16784767/ทัวร์ญี่ปุ่น.

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Every year, many tourists from home and abroad came to Hokkaido one after another to enjoy the wonderful flower sea here. There are a variety of different sightseeing routes, scenic spots, and related activities in Hokkaido. Some media even publicize highly about these activities, making Hokkaido in summer almost equal the romance of purple.

Skipper is in charge of driving the boat, but if there are no other crew members on board, his job also includes maintaining the boat, making all necessary smaller repairs during the sail, taking care of the paperwork in marinas, transferring the vessel from one marina to another between the charters and others. He can also give you various useful advice, point out some interesting places and answer most of your questions and show you a thing or two about navigating a boat.

If you hire a skipper, then check the list, Visit https://www.sailing-holidays-in-croatia.com/Croatia-yacht-charter-with-skipper remember that you have to save a berth for him and provide his food. Skipper spends most of the time on board and always has plenty to do, so he doesn’t have much time to cook meals for himself, so you should take care of this – regardless if you are eating on board or dining out.