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Why Inkjet Printers So Popular These Days?

Easily the most common types of printers today, inkjet printers have dominated the domestic market and in recent years they have even evolved to find a place in the offices. But what exactly is an inkjet printer and why is it so popular? If you're wondering whether an inkjet printer could be the best for you, we have investigated all the advantages of inkjet printers to give you everything you need to know about the powerful machines.

Advanced inkjet printer technology

To understand the advantages of an inkjet printer you must first know a little about how they work. Introduced in the late 1980s this printer laser precedes their cousins and has subsequently increased in both performance and popularity.

They work by using hundreds of small arms or nozzles fire drops of ink onto a page to create an image or text. These drops of ink are very small, typically about 50 microns in diameter. For a little perspective, it's smaller than a human hair, and they can be as small red blood cells in some of the most advanced inkjet printer. It is much smaller than the human eye can see, and as cyan, magenta like, yellow and black ink can be sprayed together with extreme precision in a way that we perceive as different shades of color.

Spraying thousands of dots minutes with pin-point accuracy enable this outstanding printer to change the ink dots on a page into text and photos.

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The advantage of inkjet printers

Unique inkjet technology has many advantages that have helped make these printers are very popular for many uses, and innovative technologies have only helped to enhance the capabilities of inkjet printers.

The picture quality

No doubt the main reason to invest in a good inkjet printer is the image quality. inkjet technology enables highly precise placement of the ink dots with a resolution as high as 1440 x 1440 dots per inch (dpi). More dots per inch means replicating better and more accurate images with better shading and color reproduction. This makes very high-quality photos and graphics with lifelike results.

Color image

With better quality comes better color. Again, the use of ink and inkjet printer technology behind means they can reproduce the colors are very bright and sharp with superb tone and shading. Many manufacturers continue to develop better ink and inkjet technology to enhance color.

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