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Opioid Addiction Gaining Ground

Opium is derived from poppies which contains 12 percent of morphine. morphine is processed to produce heroin, which doubles the potential of the morphine. Although opium has been cultivated since ancient times to provide pain relief, is now widely used for the illegal drug trade.

Opiate addiction, that heroin is a key player, has increased alarmingly. painkiller prescription opiates are primarily based, also has seen an increased dependence. Although most users are not technically classified as a drug addict, addictive nature that is so high that 10 percent of physicians who prescribe their own hanging.

If you feel you may be dependent on opioids, seek help immediately by visiting sites such as that specializes in handling the cases. Do not tell yourself you can handle it yourself, because you can get addicted to them before you know it.

Go to a counselor and enroll in a rehabilitation center, which specializes in opiate addiction. Ready for a difficult and at times, lengthy treatment procedures. The first step is the recognition and acceptance. Entertain yourself with the fact that the treatment can help you fight the addiction.

Opioids, meanwhile, a synthetic opiate that is designed to mimic the opium but are chemically different. relief gives them properties that are similar to opiates. If misused, opioids effect of euphoria and sedation. They can be taken orally, smoked, snorted and injected, the latter being the preferred method because it provides the strongest and fastest high.

Treatment for opioid addiction and addiction to opiates long and difficult because of the highly addictive nature. For some people, treatment begins with detoxification can be quite tiring as the withdrawal symptoms include agitation, restlessness, tremor, muscle pain, hot flashes and chills, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

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