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Brief Introduction Of Industrial Strainers

Industrial strainers named after its shape and is typically used for coarse filtration. But with giant filtration area can be used with fine mesh well. 

Body Y tee & conical strainer is usually of forged iron or cast steel in various grades with flanged connections and socket weld end types. Fabricated Y tee & filter cone types can also be accessed.

In this type of industry tee strainers, many times the structural frame is made of flat and round bar is used to support a wire mesh.

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Duplex Basket Filter provides ease of cleaning elements without interference from the routine. six simplex strainer basket connected to a pair of four-way ball valves with single handles general make this kind Sieve Industries.

Industrial Filters Simplex types in cast construction are called pot or bucket sieve. Sieve industry produced up to a diameter of 48 “size NB and filtration down to 5 microns. The decline in press Low, giant dirt holding capacity, ease and low cost of maintenance are some special features Glandofilters.

Cleaning self-filter is available in several standard models to choose from to rate different flows. They also designed and made according to the needs. the size is produced up to 6 “NB & below & filtration achieved is down to 40 microns.