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Try a Few of these White Wines


During a cold climate, one of the best things people do is have their favorite glass of red wine. Moreover, the wine goes fantastically well especially when you have BBQ food. But when the weather is hot or on the dry side, that favorite red wine of yours becomes difficult to swallow. During such weather, chuck your red wine and try some of these awesome white wines.

  1. Savennieres – Barcolo and Chianti are some of the best red wines made in Italy. However, during dry weather try switching it over to Savennieres. The white grapes used to make this wine are in the ripest stage. This allows you to enjoy great flavors and aromas similar to the Italian red wines.
  2. Chardonnay – Pinot Noir is a popular red wine made perfect for those who wish to enjoy light and fresh flavors. If you wish to experience something similar then consider switching over to Chardonnay offering you a perfect blend of citrus and burgundy flavors.
  3. Portuguese Whites – Malbec is another popular red wine loved and admired by many. However, Malbec starts to taste rather unpleasant during the warm climate. During such an event, consider switching over to Portuguese Whites that offers a light and easy drinking experience thanks to the quality of white grapes used to make one.

These are some of the best white wines to try for all red wine lovers especially during a warm climate. To learn more, you should take a few swan valley wine tours.

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