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Magnet and Its Applications

In search of more efficient transport engineering, power and energy generation, magnetic technology is gaining considerable significance in the world today. Along with the discovery of fire and the wheel, adhesive magnets invention is regarded as one of the greatest achievements.

Magnet and Its Applications

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Nowadays, magnets are used in many application areas. The modern world is so much dependent on the magnetic flow may come to a halt in their absence. There is nothing wrong with saying that the magnets are almost indispensable to the survival of the world now.

Different applications of Magnet

In the industry, the magnet used in a variety of equipment such as hoists, separators, sweepers and welding devices, to name a few. They are the driving force behind the electric motor and generator.

They are used in audiotapes, floppy disks and hard disks, all data recorded on the thin film layer.

Another use is in the health sector where the hospital using the technique of magnetic resonance imaging to scan the organ and for a variety of surgical purposes.

The use of magnets are also common in devices such as magnetic therapy waist belt magnets, magnetic mattresses, magnetic massage, magnetic knee and so on.

The whole concept is based on the Maglev train repulsion between electromagnets. Because repulsion alone trains to float above the tracks with speeds drastically.

certain equipment, which is common in households today, also uses a magnet. This equipment includes headphones, speakers, refrigerators, televisions, water pumps, radios, telephones, etc.

Currently, magnets are also used to make certain specific types of jewelry items such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants.

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