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All About Car Auction

There are a lot of things you need to do and a lot of things you need to pay attention to at a car auction.  First off, before you go to a car auction make sure you have enough money in your bank account.  All cars purchased at a car auction must be paid in full. 

You also need to bring your driver’s license and any other form of ID to the car auction.  This is needed to buy the vehicle and to do the title work and registration.

When you first get to the used & second hand auto auctions you should make notes of the cars you are interested in.  This way you know what to go with when you make your bid. 

At a car auction, many vehicles have a reserve price.  This means that the vehicle has a minimum price to be sold at.  If it is too high, do not bid on it.  Be sure when you do bid that you do not get into a bidding war.  Never bid more than you can afford.  If the bidding war begins, just walk away.  At a car auction, it is every man for him.

Before you begin to bid on cars, you need to see if the vehicle is a good buy or not.  Many vehicles at a car auction could have been previously damaged.  These vehicles were sent to a car auction and the buyers more than likely had no idea the vehicles had flood damage.

 You may also wish to take a mechanic to the car auction.  A mechanic is a good idea at a car auction because they can see where someone may have tried to hide repairs and damage that the vehicle might have incurred. 

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