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How Expansion Joint Systems Work

The expansion joint system is an innovative alternative for pipes. These joints can be used in the oil, paper, and petrochemical industries and in many other fields. These expansion joints in the market have completely revolutionized now.

Metal expansion joints are important components for pipeline technology. They are used for long-balancing changes, which usually occurs in the pipe of the temperature change. Know more about the expansion joints via

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In addition, they are able to absorb vibrations developed by pumps, engines, compressors or turbines. Depending on the situation, axial and lateral movement, as well as angular movement, can be compensated. 

Metal expansion joints offer a cost-effective choice and improving the product life cycle of the pipeline system. 

Some categories of the most important and complex of expansion joints manufactured are those used in FCCU . The reason for the complexity is these expansion joints have to withstand very high temperatures and pressure, extreme and aggressive environments and great movement conditions.

Expansion joints need to be carefully designed to take the extremes of pressure and heat in a piping system so little-known possibilities are known for in the system and all through your business.