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Physical Therapy – Strengthening the Muscles

Muscle contractions allow the body to move, stretch, extend and respond to external stimuli. As one ages, the tissues tend to become weaker and if left untreated, it can cause serious concerns in the future.

Certain diseases and injuries of the spine and joints can also affect muscles, making it practically impossible for some to function independently. Physical therapy strengthens the muscles and makes the body more resistant. You can look for the best NY physical therapy centers at

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Increase Muscle Strength and Endurance

Physiotherapists are highly trained specialists who understand very well the motor function of the body. They do one-on-one sessions with their patients and help them do general conditioning exercises to encourage muscle activity.

These exercises are proven to reduce the intensity of pain, increase muscle strength and gradually increase the range of motion of the patient. This is all the more effective for patients who are recovering from surgery, stroke or suffer from an imbalance of falls or accidents.

Licensed practitioners also educate patients about various home exercise techniques that will not only keep their bodies flexible and conformable but also ensure proper blood circulation.

Physical therapy for All Ages

The age-old therapy, physical therapy continues to develop and improve techniques for restoring the functional independence of the body to build endurance and strengthen the muscles. Most hospitals, clinics, and health centers conduct a multidisciplinary approach where neurologists, pain management specialists, orthopedists, and chiropractors work together to provide fast and effective treatment for patients.

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