Talcum Baby Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuits

Several studies have correlated years of regular use of talc in the genital area with the subsequent development of ovarian cancer.

The study included thousands of women who have concluded that the risk of ovarian cancer is greater for those who frequently use the powder. Now women can also file talcum powder and ovarian cancer lawsuit via

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The study also found talc particles in cancer tissue of a woman who died of ovarian cancer. There is evidence that asbestos does not sometimes appear in the product powder and asbestos is a known carcinogen.

The asbestos contamination of talc possible reasons associated with cancer. Asbestos minerals are sometimes found mixed with the powder in the mine, and if the powder is not completely purified, traces may remain in the final product.

Why Ask Ovarian Cancer Lawsuit?

Some women have been successful in winning lawsuits against talcum powder manufacturers, mostly Johnson & Johnson Company.

If you have used the talcum powder for years, and you have developed ovarian cancer, then there can be a connection. Some reasons to file a lawsuit are:

  • Hold responsible for the company’s liability in your illness.
  • Being a part of the future to prevent harm to consumers.
  • Get solutions to help cover the cost of medical and others.

If you think that the powder is to be blamed for ovarian cancer, the lawsuit could provide compensation for medical expenses.