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Top Mistakes Parents Make When Dealing with Their Childs Earliest Addiction

An estimated 10% of children will continue to suck their thumbs after the age of two or three. That being said, there has been much discussion about the best practices to get the kids to kick what the experts call them 'addicted to the first.'

However, it is easy for them to progress to lose and fall behind if the proper steps and precautions not being taken. Here are some common mistakes parents make when to wean their children from sucking their thumbs. You can also purchasethumb sucking glove via online sources. 

Start Too Soon

It is generally agreed that the age of four is considered as the best time to prevent your child from sucking his thumb, and the American Dental Association agrees. However, some child care experts think that it's okay to wait until they are a little older to wean them from the habit.

Not Knowing When It's Becoming a Problem

Conversely, it can be easy to let time pass without realizing that thumb sucking has, in fact, become a problem. Never let your child continues to suck their thumbs without coming up with some sort of plan to wean them from the habit.

Not Given Thumb Guard

Finally, it is important to explore a variety of sucking his thumb equipment that has been provided to combat the thumb-sucking. Buying a practical guard for thumb-sucking is one of the best methods proven to help your child get rid of the habit for good.

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