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Choosing a Linen Pocket Square

A coat with an empty chest pocket gives an unfinished look. The pocket square was developed specifically to be coordinated with other men’s accessories. Not only are there many different colors, patterns and pocket styles to choose from, but there are also various ways to fold this cloth.

You can buy pocket cloth via (also known as lommeklud via in Danish langauage).

If your suit and tie are part of your normal work clothes, you may be bored with the same appearance every day.

To add a more unique style, a pair of brown shoes, brown belts, and French shirts with cuffs worn with a set of cuffs can be added. Still looking for other accessories that complement the style of clothing and carry a canvas bag?

The most official linen handkerchief is plain, usually white. Strands of dark blue and burgundy are less formal. And at least officially, but still very cool, there are more colors and more stitch designs. The paisley model in burgundy, green and dark blue is more casual and gives a very elegant and delicate touch without being too formal.

As a rule, combine colors that are part of the same color family. Light blue pastel squares match the ties which are also available in lighter pastel colors such as pink, orange and lime green. If you want to wear square linen pocket with more style, you need to change the size of the square pocket pattern, dress, jacket and tie.