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Falling For Celebrity Engagement Rings

There are couples soon to be engaged who want to imitate the celebrity engagement rings as a symbol of their future devotion for each other. Many designs and types of stones are available in the market for their choice. Famous people consult designers who make expensive engagement rings. The couple who desire to buy celebrity inspired rings can check out 10 of the best celebrity engagement rings to get some unique design ideas.

In selecting these engagement rings, jewellers advise couples to find out what they want in terms of cut, clarity, colour and carat. The four basic factors when it comes to a final decision before buying. Because the cost of celebrity engagement rings is in thousands to millions of dollars, couples who are going to be engaged can have the stones be smaller and the bands less expensive.

Sales personnel will always encourage couples to buy a set of expensive engagement set. However, the couple must keep in mind the budget for engagement rings and further costs beyond the engagement. These include wedding rings, marriage, family, education, and homeownership among others.

Famous people usually want diamond rings to celebrate the unity of their future together. In talking about diamonds, 70 carats is modest for them. For ordinary people who want to make a replica of their favourite celebrity engagement sets, they can opt for at least a 3-carat diamond. The band which holds the diamonds can be in silver, gold or platinum. For the celebrities, they often want their diamond rings to put on a platinum setting.

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