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Helping Your Child With Autism Thrive

The main symptoms of autism are impaired social interaction and communication skills, tendencies to limit, repetitive behavior, and difficulty in adapting to change.

These signs develop gradually and often parents of children with autism realize it when their child is two to three years old.

Ask the "what if" question whenever the opportunity arises. When you watch TV or watch a movie with your child, social thought can cause them to stop their actions and question what they can do in such social situations.

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Because these skills are taught, it is important to practice. Giving children broad opportunities to use friendship skills is very important and cannot be overvalued.

Experts have shown that it is good for children with special needs to integrate with children who normally develop in different environments. A group of children in the autism spectrum can easily retreat to their own little world.

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Children with autism must be exposed to various social scenes that offer opportunities to interact with. In addition to applying friendship skills in school, some children feel less stressed out to practice in situations that are less imaginary and more relaxed.

Expose children to new opportunities – activities where social skills such as team sports, art classes, theater camps, local environmental programs, charity projects, YMCAs, or mentoring opportunities are good choices.

Keep in mind that your child may not survive on the social scene at school, but not everything will disappear.

If you continue to teach and model the basic social skills needed to build relationships throughout your school experience, your adult child will have a greater chance of social success if someone can choose a social situation where they find themselves the most comfortable.

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