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Childhood Diseases – The Conditions and Symptoms

Many childhood diseases have been developed over several years, many of which used to be respected among older people but no longer a threat to them first. This is the result of a strong immunization program for children who have all but eliminated the majority of these childhood diseases. 

However, here we look at some of the most common conditions and their symptoms were still being experienced by some children now. You can browse through the internet to get treatment from allied health professionals

Whooping cough: Whooping cough is a highly contagious disease that results in children who have long coughing and choking attacks left him exhausted. extreme coughing attacks may last up to 50 times in one day and the condition can last up to 3 months. 

Immunization Schedule

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Whooping cough has been known to produce seizures, pneumonia, bronchitis, ear infections, and even in severe cases, brain damage. It has been known to be fatal, especially in children under one year of age.

Diphtheria: Diphtheria begins with a tickly and sore throat, and then quickly turned into a serious respiratory disease that results in the nose and throat becomes blocked making it difficult to breathe. Symptoms can last up to 6 weeks and potentially so serious that it can be fatal.

Polio: This serious disease attacks the nervous system that causes muscle paralysis. Some people have difficulty breathing and as a result, have been known to be fatal. Fortunately however polio is now very rare in most Western countries thanks to a strong immunization program. Still there but the risk of contracting the disease in some foreign countries and this is just one of the reasons why immunization is very important.


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