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Choosing the Right Drain Cleaner For Your Business

Dirt, sludge and mud can quickly build up in sewers and drains. Without using machines, it can be an incredibly time consuming job for your staff to clean effectively. That's why manufacturers provide specialist devices that are appropriate for the job.

Drain cleaners come in all shapes and sizes. As a result, your purchasing decision is likely to depend on a number of key factors:

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– Engine types: These machines are generally powered by petrol or diesel engines. This means that they work independently of a power supply. This is a key advantage, ensuring that you'll be able to operate in any environment.

– Type of work: When viewing a duct cleaning, your buying decision may be driven by the type and frequency of work you will do. Powerful engine produced by the likes of Honda and Yanmar, for example, is suitable for use by mining companies and on construction sites.

– Power ratings: If you expect to carry out drain cleaning work regularly and you are sure that you will be faced with difficult conditions, then you may want to consider investing in a high-powered engine. This will help remove mud and dirt, even if it was built over a period long enough.

– Life expectancy: Most drain cleaners use a powder-coated frame. It is designed to minimize the effects of corrosion and extend the working life of the tool. Both standard and drain Jetters high pressure washer will usually use this type of coating.

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