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How to Stop Sucking Finger Among Toddlers

There are many ways to prevent finger or thumb sucking, as parents, we begin with rewards or bribes that are little to the kids, but once we all understand that this will not always do the job.  Once becomes a habit will become a routine and later on stages, it will be impossible to quit an inadequate manner. Go for the easiest way which will make your child happy and become easy for you to divert their mind by taking (Age 2-7) STOP Thumb Sucking – stop FINGER Sucking – The Hand Stopper thumb guard from the Amazon Australia website.

Thumb Sucking

Below are a few home remedies; these are the ones I have learned and heard online, such as applying Mavala, sauce, band-aids, and hair spray on the tip. These remedies are good to apply but they have their scope up to limit for instance if sauce left to be uncleaned and goes inside the mouth or eye then?  As children are having habit to put everything inside the mouth, it may cause eye illness or mouth infection. 

There are various negative effects when applying home remedies, some workout, some cause damage to eyes and lips. There are fun and special services and products.  There are narrative books available that will help inspire kids, you will find lots of kinds of gloves too well. 

You can talk with your child's dentist to determine if the shield can be placed in the finger or thumb if they are not leaving their habit. Then these problems need to be addressed to resolve the issue of their teeth. There are numerous methods and devices which keep them indulge in other activities, choose the best one which will neither harm them nor bore them.


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