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Check Your Roof For Damages Before The Arrival Of Winters

If you want to prevent costly damage to your roof during the winter season, you can take the help of the tips that I’m going to mention here below:


An ice dam is a thick wall of ice that accumulates on the roof. The snow that accumulates on the roof melts from warm temperatures outside, rain, and heat escaping the house. Once the temperature goes below freezing, the water freezes and pushes the ice underneath the shingles.

With ice dams accumulating under the roof’s shingles, your roof becomes vulnerable, as there will be water damage and structural damage to the roof and home. But, if you can do the following, you may prevent that from happening.

  • Enhancing the insulation of your attic.
  • Installing soffit and ridge vents to expel heat to prevent it from reaching your roof.


Just avoiding the creation of ice dams won’t be enough, you need to remove snow from the roof to keep the pressure and weight off the roof. Too much snow can put excess weight on the roof causing its support system to collapse. As a result, your roof and home get damaged You can hire a professional roof repair expert in Fayetteville NC like Southern Premier Roofing to remove the snow.


You must have your roof inspected by a professional before the winter hits because that is how you can identify if there is any damage to the roof. Moreover, the repair will be a lot cheaper than what you would pay for the repair during the peak time of the winter season.


Make sure that the gutters on the roof are clean because the backlog of meltwater will freeze and form ice dams, which will then leak water into the attic. So, you need to check the gutters and if they are clogged, get them cleaned before the arrival of winters.

In case, you need help in maintaining your roof, then you should hire Southern Premier roofers in Raleigh NC for roof maintenance and repair. They can repair and maintain your roof so it will keep you and your home warm, dry, and safe from the unpredictable winter weather.

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