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Top Things You Must Do In Tampa

When planning your vacation in Florida, it can be difficult to choose which parts to visit. Orlando with its theme parks, Miami with its reputation for partying, and the laid-back atmosphere of the Florida Keys are all seductive vacation destinations. 

If you want everything, why not consider Tampa? You can also know more about what activities to do in Tampa while planning a vacation out there.

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Unleash your inner child in a Theme Park Just because you are not in Orlando, doesn't mean you should skip the theme park experience. 

Busch Gardens has an outpost on Tampa Bay that's sure to entertain kids. Exciting walks, skating shows, and a zoo full of African wildlife ensure that the ticket price is worth every penny.

Tampa has other theme parks; Adventure Island, with its 30-hectare water hike, is the perfect place to splash around on a hot summer's day.

Of course, not all of us get to visit Tampa during winter. When visiting outside of Gasparilla, pirates can still have fun in the historic area of Ybor City. 

In the 19th century, the area was known for its cigar production, but now it's more famous for its bars and nightlife. Go eat and enjoy live music from a local bar.

Cuban and Spanish food is popular all over Florida. So don't leave without trying some delicious Cuban food. It's hard to walk down the street without encountering a Cuban restaurant or cafe, but some of the best deals are La Teresita, Columbia Restaurant, and Brocato Sandwich Shop. 

All of them sell traditional rates at different levels of formality. So depending on your mood, you can enjoy a full meal or a large filling sandwich to grab.

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