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All banners display systems are the same and there is a wide range of uses for them so it makes much sense to consider your needs before choosing. 

What you choose will depend on your use, including duration of use, it will depend on how you need to be mobile and of course your budget.

Displaying the banner is increasingly popular for use in business premises that includes stores that want to promote the offers and so on and tourist attractions and other places of interest. Flag Posters are another option and also hold up banners as they will be more visible. You can buy aluminium flagpole via  (which is also called ‘ Aluminium Fahnenmast ber kaufen ’ in German).

Including shopping centers and sports clubs who use them for advertising, direct people to give information and so on. 

They are ideal for short-term promotions and special events, if you're attracted to a particular event rather than having permanent style display using a banner display; it may be what you want to do each year: in these situations, you can choose to use a roll up banner with a cassette system. 

Banners roll-up cassette can be easily set up and down and moved, but the banner itself can be removed and replaced with another using the same display system, that means you save money and can have a number of banners for different purposes such as different events or promotions.

If you will use a long banner next to a banner base of good quality and have the banner printed on durable material such as vinyl which are easy to clean and maintain as well.