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As human beings, our memories can be quite strong and powerful, but if you take Drugs, the reverse starts to happen, as Medication blurs your memory, which causes “blank spots". Drugs will cause an individual to feel slow and stupid and have plenty of failures in life.

Some people are under the belief that certain Drugs will direct you to be more creative in what you're doing. This is an announcement that is so far from the truth that I don't even know where to start. Now you can easily get the information about home drug test strips through

When someone feels sad, that individual might turn to Drugs to create them feel better-this, however, is not accurate and is what I'd love to call a warped perception".

 The Medication will lift you into a fake cheerfulness, however, ones that they wear off, you'll crash lower than what you were before. Every time you dip lower and lower at which you get to a point that Drugs will destroy everything you have literally and figuratively.

What will Dealers tell you?

A lot of teenagers these days will start using Drugs because of peer-reviewed pressure-they need to be cool and fit in and that is something that a Trader understands and lives by.

Dealers will offer you Drugs which will “help you feel better" or that will “help you fit in" or which will “help cheer you up". You need to remember that a Trader will use anything to make a “sale".

They don't care about the fact that Drugs will mess up your life; they care for is the fact they are making a profit.