Health and Fitness

Water aerobics are very popular for stamina building. Water exfoliates your skin and keeps you hydrated even when you are burning calories. They prove to be extremely beneficial for your overall fitness, and help you stay in shape without dehydrating!

Fitness Camp Thailand helps you indulge in water based activities and burn fat fast. It doesn’t only allow you to maintain your weight; water aerobics are great for muscle building and strength gaining. Some of the health benefits of water based aerobics are:

1. Muscle strength:

As water has an unpredictable flow and you feel a lot lighter while in the pool, it allows you to indulge in some exercises with better resistance, then exercising in the air. You push harder, putting your muscles to work and gaining muscle strength much faster. Water allows much better resistance than the traditional methods of weight lifting in the air.

2. Better flexibility:

Since water is a medium which allows your body to self-adjust through its waves, your joints naturally gain more flexibility through achieving versatility in your body motions. Your body becomes more flexible than doing aerobics on ground.


3. Hydration:

Water keeps you hydrated, even if you are carrying out some vigorous exercises in the pool. The pores of your body absorb water and you don’t feel very thirsty during the workout.

4. An escape from heat:

It gets very difficult to exercise or go running when there is 100 degrees outside. You may also lose your motivation due to the extreme weather conditions. Water aerobics allow you to take an advantage of the cooling nature of water and help you stay motivated, by providing an escape from the heat.

Water aerobics are more refreshing and less draining. They are popular among all age groups as well.