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Besides the current state of affairs with people trying to follow diets and losing weight, one of the tastiest desserts comes from frozen yogurt machines. This fluffy dessert can replace the heavier ice cream. 

Frozen yogurt can be made in a variety of flavors that are very similar to ice cream with the help of soft serve ice cream & frozen yoghurt machines, but with ingredients that are lower in fat and therefore have fewer calories.

Frozen Yoghurt Machine and Lip Smacking Recipe

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Frozen yogurt machines come in all shapes, sizes and prices. One of the good things about these machines is that they are table top and not as tall as a garden like an ice cream freezer.

You can turn yogurt into an extraordinary delight with flavors exploding on your tongue. The results can be healthy for you and your kids if you reduce the amount of sugar and fat in the end result. Here is some of our favorite recipes:


Make eight servings.

2 C low-fat vanilla yogurt 1 12-ounce sachet when frozen mixed fruit is pureed

½ C whole milk and filtered or 2 C fresh fruit puree

¼ With sugar

Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl and mix with a mixer on medium speed. Pour into your machine freezer bowl and mix your frozen yogurt machine until it thickens. 

It will take approx. 25-30 minutes. Pour into an airtight container and freeze for 2 hours until set. More recipes are available with your ice cream maker or yogurt maker. Just share the taste and enjoy the memories.