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Sea, garden, golf course, desert, lake. Just some of the view options you can pick from in Dubai. Whist it’s easy to get carried away with sea views, or in the case of Palm Jumeirah, actually living out in the sea, Dubai has numerous other properties with other great views that you can choose from. Very few cities can offer such a diverse range of landscapes and scenery to survey from ones own home. So lets have a look at what is on offer where.

The obvious place to start is of course sea view apartments and villas, which are ever popular. There is just something about looking out for miles into blue waters that appeal to so many. And if you so happened to be one of these people, then in Dubai you are well catered for! The Dubai Marina is the obvious choice, with a huge range of apartments located here. You can also look for various reputed websites such asĀ and many more for more information.

With so many styles and options, you are sure to be able to find an apartment that suits your requirements. And with Marina walk on your door step, you have the added bonus of cafes, restaurants and supermarkets, all right on the waters edge. And situated next to the Marina, right on the shoreline is Jumeirah Beach Residence, high quality apartments, with many featuring great views out to sea and over the Palm. And of course there is then the Palm itself! With a wide range of apartments along with signature villas, garden villas and town homes all based out in the Arabian Gulf!