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The two most recommended players for streaming movies today are Apple TV and the Roku box. So, the obvious question that might be asked is; which one should i buy?

This question is rather difficult to answer because of the recent addition to Apple TV, the Hulu Plus application and Air Play Mirroring. Before the new Apple TV add-on, Roku LT was an easy choice because it offered more content at half the price. If you are looking for roku television online then you are at right place.

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The content source from Roku LT is truly fantastic. Also, many of the features of this small box are only slightly better than their competitors. What makes the Roku streaming player list so impressive is that they stream quality content seamlessly. Roku owners don't need to buy a Bluetooth remote, pay extra for a USB port or MicroSD or 1080p card slot.

Unlike Roku LT, Apple TV doesn't support Pandora, but you can easily access and stream it from any iOS device. Another plus is Airplay Mirroring which is built directly into Mountain Lion OS. This is a practical feature, only if you have a newer Mac that allows you to stream anything that appears on your computer screen, including flash and / or free Hulu videos wirelessly directly to the TV.