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Over the last decade, magnetic name badges have grown in popularity and durability. Many different people use products with custom magnetic name badges because they are durable, practical, and effective. They are also much stronger than badges or buttons; Magnets keep the badge in place for a long time.

Your name or information may be placed on the front of a magnetic name tag. The magnets are then placed under the garment and the front and back are held together for permanent storage.

The flaps, which are magnets, are made specifically for the size of the badge and will hold the same path regardless of size. 

Name tags are easy to hold and you don't have to worry about losing them. It is also important to turn your back when removing your ID card so that the magnets can be removed more easily.

Many people who buy magnetic name badges agree that they are better than regular badges. They all look very professional and many people in important careers or professions use these products frequently.

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