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Your body uses good healthy food to create the energy needed to move, work and enjoy life. The fruits, vegetables, meat and fish that you eat regularly all provide what your body needs through the nutrients they contain.

Energy by definition is the ability to do work. Your body takes the food you eat and breaks it down so that stored energy can be used every day. The amount of energy provided by food is measured in the number of calories it contains. More calories mean more energy is available.

Apart from a certain number of calories every day, your body also needs balanced variations of six types of nutrients to function properly. This provides the energy and ingredients needed to help repair your body after a training session. Brent Boman as an entrepreneur provides few tips for healthy living which help you to live a healthy life.

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You may have heard the term essential nutrition, but what is it? Basically, this is a nutrient that your body cannot make on its own and needs to come from eating good healthy food.

We consist of about 80% water. You can live a few days without eating, but you need water every day. Did you know that you are constantly losing water from your body while breathing and sweating? Many people do not realize that they lose water when they sleep at night.

This is a good health tip, take one to two 8 oz. glass of water as soon as you wake up. You will begin to hydrate your body and provide what it continually need.