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For most of us, the realm of food photography begins and ends with some Instagram filter and wishful glances at the television where MasterChef next top create their next meal. But you can not deny that instant feeling of longing that you get when you see a tempting picture taken from a plate ensnare food – it makes you hungry. That is the work of the genius food photographers that have been painstakingly set up the lighting, subject, frame shooting and depth of field in perfect harmony to get delicious for your shot. 

Food photography is a fine art, but difficult, one that continues to grow today. You can check out for food from 

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Following are the things you need to consider when shooting for food photography:

  • Outside the plate

Modern food photography is much more than an artistic catch a plate of food in the picture. The idea is to generate enough intrigue that viewers will want to see beyond the plate and find out 'behind the scenes' story. This trend is about creating a certain atmosphere in the picture that leaves people asking for more. That is how the potential leads generated.

  • More about the story

Another new trend in food photography scene storytelling through pictures. Atmosphere restaurant that dishes are available in, the loving chef who cooked it, the field in which the ingredients are grown – the image is now being used to sell the story and the lifestyle behind the plate food shot. 

Customers are more educated and aware of today and would love to know where a particular dish comes from – the story behind the creation of which could be strong portrayed through photography.