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If your home was built before 1980, it may contain asbestos. It is a material used in households for fireproof and insulation but later proved to be a hazardous material due to its deadly effects. 

Asbestos has been shown to cause lung cancer and other serious diseases and acts as a hidden killer. The tiny particles can fly into the air and spread infection around your home, affect your health and even damage the environment. So, if your house was built before the 1980s, then you should take the initiative to call a friable asbestos removal services in Central Coast, NSW to inspect your home to see if it contains asbestos or not.

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Having asbestos at home can cause symptoms like shortness of breath, dry cough, loss of appetite and chest tightness, etc. If you and your family members experience any of these symptoms, it is time to call an expert for a home inspection. 

An expert will thoroughly inspect your property. If asbestos is found, the expert will provide you with a strategic plan for an asbestos reduction. The process is to prevent asbestos particles from spreading throughout the building for disposal.

For a safe and successful asbestos reduction, professional will create a regulated work area by closing the air ducts and deactivating the HVAC system to prevent asbestos fibres from entering the air during discharge tasks. 

During the reduction process, the expert will also take the necessary precautions by wearing gloves, a helmet and protective goggles to prevent asbestos contamination. However, reducing or eliminating asbestos is risky, but a professional can handle it effectively to provide you with a safe home environment.