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As you may have known that the pandemic Corona virus is now globally declared as pandemic earlier last month of March. It is known to be the scariest virus that can kill people specifically old aged within 2 weeks.

Philippines, just like the other countries, was not saved from this virus. Many have been affected of more than 4000 people with almost 100 deaths in the first week of April. All parts of the country are in a community quarantine where people are advised to stay at home and just go out for important matters.

Manila, Cebu are the biggest cities which are now just like a ghost town. People can’t be seen anymore walking down the streets.

All domestic and international flights are cancelled. All the tourist’s spots have been closed. The famous whale sharks in Oslob has been closed since March 15 and they extended it to April 15. But the number of infected are increasing that will surely extend to close the tourist spots in the country. Most Filipinos are still hoping a cure for this virus and that they will be able to be back to their normal daily lives.

The most affected country as of April is the United States with more than 450,000 people with death toll of almost 100,000.

Travel and Leisure

With such a large number of auto rental organisations out there, the undertaking of choosing which one is great can be overwhelming and unpleasant. Rental auto organisations offer diverse administrations, costs and vehicles.

Deal Rental Cars, for instance, is spent significant time in solid and minimal effort vehicles, their scope of vehicles has little and monetary autos that are ideal for the city drive, visiting autos that are useful for the city and furthermore for the open street, station wagons for those conveying a couple of additional baggage, SUV for those needing additional space and control and furthermore individuals movers and minibusses for those going with an extensive gathering of individuals. Deal Rental Cars have the friendliest staff and exceptionally focused costs (might be the least expensive around the local area!).

Here are the 10 things to consider while picking a rental auto organisation:

1) Compare costs – The distinction in day by day rates will fluctuate as indicated by the length of the contract, the day of the week and regularity.

2) New = Expensive – Companies offering fresh out of the box new autos by and large charge a premium for it. Contingent upon your necessities a vehicle that is not that new will do a similar employment once in a while for a large portion of the cost.

3) Size Matters – Check if the vehicle you are procuring will oblige your requirements. Not great on the off chance that you can't fit all your gear.

4) Insurance is dependably a smart thought – Most organisations incorporate standard protection on their normal rates with abundance going from $500 to $5000. For an additional charge, you can lessen that abundance to a small amount of that sticker price.

5) How far would you say you are going? – Some organisations offer two distinct rates while procuring, one with boundless kms meaning you can travel openly without agonising over the additional cost and the other choice you should pay for the kms you travel. Typically while paying for the additional kms the everyday rates will be considerably less expensive than the boundless alternative.

6) Additional drivers – Some rental auto organisations could conceivably charge for extra drivers.

7) Filling the tank – Normally rental auto organisations will give you the vehicle with a full tank of gas and you are required to restore the vehicle with full tank. In the event that you don't bring it full some auto rental organisations may charge you an organisation expense and furthermore at the cost of fuel.

8) Extra bits – Most auto rental organisations offer for an additional expense, GPS units, youngster seats, promoter situate, rooftop racks, snow chains, and so forth… Some auto rental organisations may offer a package manager reduced the cost for a few additional things.

9) Roadside Assistance – Some organisations offer 24hrs roadside help given by the AA. Ordinarily, there is no additional charge for call out when in the event of mechanical flaws. In circumstances like a level battery or punctured tires a little charge you be connected.

10) Smoking not permitted – Most auto rental organisations don't permit smoking in the auto. Auto rental organisations will charge you a cleaning expense in the event that you do as such.

To wrap things up, ensure you generally check the rental assertion and if there is anything you don't know about, you better ask the rental auto organisation to disclose to you.

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