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Our life changes; when years ago you have to pay with physical money to do transactions nowadays you can use the so called digital currency. Instead of using coins or banknotes, this internet-based medium of exchange is widely used to do various transaction from paying for goods to services. It works similarly to the physical money you have in your wallet. The difference is you do not need to withdraw cash from your bank account; usually you are going to have a special card or “wallet” containing the digital currency you have to refill after some times or when the balance is nearly zero. If you’re interested in webmoney paypal services you should visit the Mamooti website.

                Although this subject has been quite popular, not all people are accustomed to it. Sometimes the confusion of what a digital currency is, what the use of the currency is and the difference between virtual and digital currency happen out there. You will get better understanding towards it when you use it yourself and brief information below will help you:

What is a digital currency?

                A digital currency is defined as an Internet-based medium of exchange that enables you to do transactions without using physical money. Depending on the type, you may have to have an online wallet to store the digital money or a special card to which you refill the balance.

What is the use of it?

                Just like physical money, in most occasions you can use digital currencies to pay for goods and services but in a different way. The transactions are usually done via Internet and there are special rules to govern the activities.

Virtual and digital currency, aren’t they the same?

                They are not the same. With virtual currency you can only do transactions in virtual world that have nothing to do with physical reality, for instance online games and social media. Meanwhile, digital currency works as physical money in which you can pay for goods and services with it. Discover more information about the paypal webmoney exchange services by visiting the Mamooti website.