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Physical therapy (PT) is a good treatment choice for those who need rehabilitation. Many people who have difficulty moving every day or who experience certain injuries will benefit from this treatment. PT often reduces the level of pain in muscles and joints and helps provide more range of motion. There are many benefits and uses for this type of medical treatment.

In Long Island, the senior rehabilitation therapist works with each patient to develop an appropriate treatment plan. This treatment plan was developed after analyzing the level of strength, range of motion, and coordination of each patient.  Different exercises and activities are carried out with the help of a physical therapist so that everyday tasks are easier and to minimize physical disturbances and help prevent further injury.

PT is often the recommended treatment option for those who are sick, sick or seriously injured. Everyone from babies to seniors benefits from this type of treatment.

Physical therapy involves a combination of treatment options. This includes exercises that help increase strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, and range of motion. Sports can include weight lifting, stretching, walking, and more. A physical therapist will gradually increase the level of practice to improve the functionality of each patient and help to correct existing problems.

Many physical therapists use hot and cold packs and electrical stimulation to help with treatment. This is especially common in orthopedic physical therapy that focuses on diagnosing and treating injuries and disorders that affect the joints and muscles. This is a common treatment choice for people suffering from sports-related injuries, arthritis, and amputation.

Health and Fitness

After about 18 months of studying, considering and theorizing, more than 6 weeks of trials and tests on over 100 trained participants in the shape of physical therapy patients, and a single inspirational “discussion" on this website, I decided it was time for me to sit down and organize my ideas and adventures thus far with shaking treatment. You may contact to the performax team to get the best physical therapy.

I'm presenting these ideas and adventures to you, fellow vibration fans; experiences and thoughts caused through careful evaluation and attentive experimentation. My intention here would be to do simply provoke thought and encourage additional debate about the present and prospective uses of shaking THERAPY.

For your “research obsessed" readers, until the smoke billows from your ears, notice that I do fully understand that the majority of what I am presenting this isn't indisputably endorsed by study nor am I suggesting that anybody else use my own methods without carefully thinking about whether these approaches are acceptable for their respective clinical scenarios.

"At the result, though caregivers preach ‘evidence-based practice', all of them use techniques and methods that WORK FOR THEM. They can't always create 10 research studies that back up that specific technique."

I am conscious that my use of a complete body vibration system for treatment could be considered overly experimental by a few, but it isn't without consideration, expertise, and thought of well recognized scientific principles.


As a Physical Therapist, I devote a whole lot of time “manipulating" my individual's bodies. Through effective “manipulation" of the musculoskeletal system, lymphatic system, circulatory system, and nervous system, I am in a position to decrease pain, promote tissue recovery, restore effective motion, strengthen their bodies, also encourage long-term health and wellbeing.