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Roman blinds are an easy way to dress windows and add a decorative flair to a room or whole house. By using roman blinds, you can decorate a room according to a theme or personality as these blinds are able to be custom ordered, right down to the pattern of the fabric. 


Roman blinds can be used in any room and are not best suited or specific to any room. In fact, they can be tailored in such a way that they can bring flair, light, darkness, colour or pizazz to any room in a house. For example, in a children’s room, they can be blue, pink, with clouds, rainbows, or unicorns. In a kitchen, they could have teapots or coffee cups, or even sunflowers. Dining and living rooms could have more subtle colours and varieties whilst bedrooms could be made as blockout roman blinds so that a lower amount of light is able to enter the room. 


Roman blinds are a middle-of-the-road cost when it comes to considering the price of roman blinds compared to other types of blinds. They can be of a cheaper variety, but these tend to be the off-the-shelf ones rather than the ones that are made to order. The price of the roman blinds will ultimately be determined by the uniqueness of the fabric selected and its associated cost. 

Are They Worth It?

Roman blinds are worth it when you consider the cost compared to the fact that you can pick any colour or pattern combination you want. A different variety of blind may not be able to offer this or would attract a hefty fee.