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When it comes to picking the best restaurant in NY that has seafood on its menu, one frequently gets confused. An individual anticipates not only delicious food but also an excellent ambiance, friendly and well-trained staff, comfy seats and a wonderful atmosphere.

So if you’re also looking ahead to hold a company meeting or a kitty party with your friends or coworkers, you need to be searching for the best restaurant in your area. There’s absolutely not any doubt that lighthouse fish market provides just about everything to the people. Among the best aspects is that it’s the best fish restaurant NY. Get more information about seafood new york via

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The restaurant has a full-size menu with numerous food items and beverages included in it. Everything from appetizers, oysters, fresh fish, soups, salads, hamburgers, pasta to sandwiches and wraps can be found here.

And should you choose to arrange a get-together or some other social celebration, you may also get the menus customized depending on your requirements and requirements. The restaurant also serves the finest NY crawfish. The food is unquestionable of the premium quality.

Even if it comes to catering in NY, the service has improved with time. The restaurants have started providing catering service to individuals so that they can host an event in their house or even offices. There are special menus and people can choose their favorite dishes from them.