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Advantages Of Air Vent Covers

The air vents prevent the warm air from escaping out of the room during the winter.  Various air vents quilts on display, which includes a variety of models and sizes.

‘Air ventilation’ (Also known as ‘การระบายอากาศ’ in the Thai language) cover designed to keep the warmth in your room, but they will allow some airflow to ensure safety. These air vents blanket highly efficient addition to your interior decor while providing optimal performance. 

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The widest range of air registers including air registers in two directions, which has a fusible link that will automatically close the damper at 165 degrees.

Air vent covers are available ventilated back designed with a hinge on the front cover so that they can be easily installed into any type of wall. 

Air vents back the covers including those made of steel with a white-coated finish that can be tailored to meet your needs. Whatever the size of your wall or in your room space, air registers will fit into any type of wall to keep your room on the atmospheric conditions were perfect.

You also have the option to choose grilles to cover the air vents, which are made of rust-free aluminum and oak wood or softwood to add a contemporary decor of your room.

Made of cast iron, the grid has a high-efficiency level, and they are available in various sizes. Some air registers can be neatly fitted to the ceiling where the walls do not allow the installation. Air vent covers are available in different styles such as circular and square ones, which can be installed with slabs of stone, exposed ductwork, and the lay-in T-bar.