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What You Should Know Before Buying A Greenhouse Kit

Owning a greenhouse is no longer a luxury for gardeners. Greenhouse kits are available at affordable prices for any gardener. One only needs a few simple household tools to assemble the kit in a matter of hours. There are websites such as that provide all the necessary information about the greenhouse kits.

Styles and Sizes

Greenhouse kits come in a variety of styles and sizes. Some are rounded, others are square with pitched roofs, and some are shaped like a barn. Most come with coated aluminum frames that resist corrosion and have coverings that are made of twin-walled or triple-walled plastic that allows in filtered light.

Freestanding and Lean-To Greenhouses

A freestanding greenhouse can be placed wherever the yard has the best light. Its advantage is that it can easily be moved. It will provide a great deal of light when placed in the correct location. It generally will require heating at night because of the amount of exposed surface area.

An attached lean-to greenhouse may be placed against a home or other building. Generally, a lean-to is more limited in space, but some have expansion kits to allow you to add more space at a later time. Because a lean-to is often placed against a house, it is usually close to available electricity, water, and heat.

In addition to the freestanding and lean-to greenhouses, there are also cold frames which are like small, easily portable greenhouses. They are ideal for the gardener who has very little space, but who wants to start seedlings outside. They do not require any heating and the cooling is achieved by keeping the top of the cold frame open.

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