How Can CIO Manage Business Growth

Two key points of CIO View in business:

  • Growing Business
  • 80/20 Rule

As CIO you’re likely to need to acquire your sharp budget knife out and begin making cuts. Make sure you don’t do what some CIOs have done and go out and start selling your products. The use of IT is to support what the firm does. It is a donation to the company’s top-line revenue that should be a result of how it assists other divisions to become more efficient.

Once you turn into the CIO you’d believe that you’ve had it made. Now that you’re living on top of the IT pyramid, life ought to be grand – the long, hard battle to reach this place is now over. In fact, the task is only starting. Looks as if you’re going to need to develop ways to work it into your IT department’s strategy. The key thing that you do is to understand why it is so important.

If you want to know the key strategies of CIO view, visitCIO views although you don’t often hear about the CIO being talked about in precisely the same sentence that earnings growth is mentioned, this is what you want to make happen. The reason the company exists is to make more cash, the IT department has to play a part in this or it will become unnecessary.

When you become the CIO, among the primary things that you’re likely to discover is just how little money you’ve got to spend. Oh, your IT budget may be huge and it may be growing larger every year, however, the size of the funds which are actually available for you to spend on new jobs and new initiatives will be likely quite small compared.