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How the Covid-19 affects tourism in the Philippines?

As you may have known that the pandemic Corona virus is now globally declared as pandemic earlier last month of March. It is known to be the scariest virus that can kill people specifically old aged within 2 weeks.

Philippines, just like the other countries, was not saved from this virus. Many have been affected of more than 4000 people with almost 100 deaths in the first week of April. All parts of the country are in a community quarantine where people are advised to stay at home and just go out for important matters.

Manila, Cebu are the biggest cities which are now just like a ghost town. People can’t be seen anymore walking down the streets.

All domestic and international flights are cancelled. All the tourist’s spots have been closed. The famous whale sharks in Oslob has been closed since March 15 and they extended it to April 15. But the number of infected are increasing that will surely extend to close the tourist spots in the country. Most Filipinos are still hoping a cure for this virus and that they will be able to be back to their normal daily lives.

The most affected country as of April is the United States with more than 450,000 people with death toll of almost 100,000.

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