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How To Plan An Outdoor Wedding In Hawaii

Outdoor weddings in Hawaii are lovely. Here's what you need to know when preparing your outdoor wedding.

1) Have a backup plan in case of rain. Passing showers are typical in the islands and considered a blessing. But rainmaking ceremony for heavy disorder and / or reception. Another idea is to have your wedding at a Maui beach marriage with indoor facilities such as a resort or estate.

2) If you hold your wedding literally on the beach, do not put chairs directly on the sand if possible. The sand is uneven and unstable, and some of your guests may not be dressed appropriately to stay on the sand. 

Find a grassy area to place chairs for guests. If you want your ceremony on the sand, consider renting some type of platform for the chairs to be placed on.

3) Think about sun glare for you and your guests. Try to organize people where there is no time to look directly at the sun. The scenic beauty of the ocean is lost when you or your guests can not even open his eyes.

4) If it is a wedding day, chat with bottled water available for guests as they appear. The Maui of the sun can be warm; and people can dehydrate quickly in the afternoon sun.

5) Think fans to distribute to guests as wedding favors or as souvenirs to help keep the sun out of their eyes and a cool breeze on hand.

6) Consider the local weather service with regard to tide and sunset. And keep these factors in mind when considering your wedding time.

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