Workplace Harassment – It’s More Than Just Sexual Harassment

While sexual harassment remains a problem in the workplace, other types of harassment have now been recognized to make both legal and productivity issues. These other types of harassment also need to be addressed to keep the workplace free from legal complaints and to remain free and comfortable for all employees. Read full article to know the major harassment problems other than Sexual Harassment.

Religious Harassment

All kinds of religions and beliefs should be accepted in a healthy workplace. The freedom to practice a religion of our choice is a tenant of American society. In the workplace, companies need to accommodate all types of religious ceremonies and holidays. The best practice for any business is to provide employees these freedoms. For instance, if an employee is a Muslim then the time to pray to Mecca should be allowed. As long as this employee makes up the time or uses his break or lunch time then this accommodation should be made.

Sexual Orientation Harassment

It is illegal to discriminate or cause hostile working environment for someone because of their sexual orientation. It is also a terrible business. Every healthy, productive workplace should be free from jokes and disparaging comments about sexual orientation. Gay and Lesbian employees are a huge part of the American workplace and are responsible for a healthy chunk of the country’s work productivity.

Race or Origin Harassment

Discrimination because of race or country of origin has been recognized as illegal, but still pervasive in today’s workplace. All employees should be very sensitive to jokes and comments that could offend other cultures. For example, comments about Arab terrorists might offend an American employee of Arab descent.