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Basement Waterproofing Can Save Your House

Basement waterproofing is both an art and a science. Entrepreneurs can make their old and new basements waterproof. The sealing of the basement is defined as preventing water from entering your basement. 

Using waterproofing and crawl space moisture control If you have a wet basement moisture problem or crawlspace of any kind. American Foundation Specialists can help seal your basement and avoid expensive structural damage to the foundation of your home.


In the past, drainage systems are not very effective. Also, new drainage systems can offer tremendous peace of mind with a transferable lifetime warranty included with some proprietary systems. Many systems are bound transferable lifetime warranty. 

Learn more about professional waterproofing systems and do-it-yourself systems. This approach guarantees the best sealing systems and solutions available. You'd have to deal with excess moisture and all the problems that come with it such as mold growth. 


Concrete blocks, particularly blocks, are more permeable to water vapor than cast concrete. Paints, sealants concrete, or paint coatings are a temporary solution. The problem of repairing foundation cracks and concrete cracks has been dealing with builders and homeowners for decades. 

Hydraulic cement and these types of cement-based products are a huge problem because it costs about four times the cost of the original product to decontaminate and remove the concrete due to routine failure.

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