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The Best Phytase Enzymes As Feed Additive For Poultry

There are several types of feed additives on the market today that have many different specific functions. Some additives promote optimal development, while others enhance palatability.

Phytates are classified as non-digestible acids found in whole grains and vegetable oils. It is the main form of storage for phosphorus in plants and is associated with various nutrients such as calcium, amino acids, and vitality. 

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Phytase is a powerful intestinal enzyme that breaks down phytate. Pigs and poultry have almost no phytase in the intestinal tract, so they need to be introduced into your system.

The use of phytase as a feed additive reduces the need for an inorganic phosphorus additive, which reduces the release of calcium in manure. Animals and the environment benefit from using phytase in feed.

There are several types of phytase that can be used in feed. Traditionally, most products use mushroom phytase. Phytase products used in the market are well established such as mushrooms, but you can now find different forms. Wenger Feeds already uses a bacterial phytotoxic called Phyzyme XP.

The benefits of adding phytase to poultry and pork are numerous. One of the main advantages is a reduction in the price of feed per tonne.

It is important to reduce the price per tonne of increased environmental impact of phytase. The feed phase study shows that phytase is a useful feed additive for their customers.

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