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Aviator Sunglasses – A Classic, Timeless Choice

Aviator sunglasses, also known as pilot shade, were first created for military pilots to protect their eyes from the heavy rays of the sun while on daily flight missions. You can also look for the best pilot sunglasses for men through various online sources.

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The distinctive features of aviator glasses are their slanted teardrop shape, a metal frame with wire temples, and a dark, reflective lens that is two to three times the size of the human eye. 

Unlike the straight lens, the lens is slightly swollen and is made of real glass. They have grown in popularity over the years, as is the case with every fashion, but seem to remain a law enforcement favorite.

This is due to the fact that the eyes are completely hidden so you can't see exactly where the gaze is.

Many different companies make their own versions of aviator glasses and easily fix them with different rim colors and patterns.

Modern technological advances such as polarization are often included, and lenses can be found in coatings such as plastics and other materials.

Aviator glasses are classified as classic because they have been around for more than seventy years and are still a popular choice for modern consumers, especially in the mod music scene and alternative indie fashions.

This style is a popular part of many famous fashion houses that offer their own versions of this iconic style.

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