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Western medicine, which is different from at least 6000 years of natural medicine practice, treats the body as a collection of parts rather than as a synergistic organism. When it comes to treating broken bones and injured body parts, the main western treatment is not evenly distributed. You can also get the best cancer treatment remedy via search on google about heal navigator .

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In the example of cancer, instead of defeating the cancer it causes (toxins and weakened immune systems), we see instead of cutting back on treatment, burning or poisoning tumor cells and cancer, increasingly weakening the immune system that it has been defeated and only worsens the condition that causes it. with which cancer begins.

Even if they succeeded in eliminating cancer cells and tumors that existed, the result was a weakened body that could have damage to large organs and be more susceptible to the appearance of the original cancer again, and the form of cancer and other diseases.

For half a century or more, we have been told that a breakthrough or a cancer drug is just around the corner, but the cancer death rate remains largely unchanged.

Meanwhile, natural treatments and effective alternatives that manage and improve the real causes of cancer continue to enjoy far greater success than conventional maintenance, which mostly fails, even when this natural alternative is under pressure and under the rise of medical attacks.

If the study demonstrates the effectiveness of natural alternatives and their use in the treatment of cancer and other diseases should be agreed, the result is to recognize cheaper, safer and more effective competition for the fiercely guarded market.